HYS agricultural tipping trailers

Weight gain and optimum strength: the best available steel
The New Generation monocoque body is constructed of 4 mm HYS (High Yield Strength) steel, index S700, the highest resistance index steel on the market. This steel allows weight gains of up to 800 kg on the TMS 32 trailers compared to a conventional trailer body while remaining just as strong.
Because of its design, a Dangreville trailer requires a low tractive power in relation to the towed tonnage.

Security & stability
Chassis, cylinder supports, articulations ... All components linked to trailer safety are especially heavy.

Agricultural trailers
HYS agricultural trailers

A fluid design

The HYS body provides a fluid design with a smooth form that minimises product stagnation during unloading and promoting a better flow of materials.

Custom design

We customise the axles and the suspension of each agricultural trailer to your requirements: wheelbase, width of inter-spring spacing, type of springs, normal or low mounting ... We also offer solutions for tarpaulins, chests ...

40 km/h approval is optional over the entire range

HYS agricultural tipping trailer

Strong design

  • Continuous welding over the entire trailer;
  • 4 mm HYS S700 index body, with 4 side reinforcements;
  • Wide layered body beltline;
  • Reinforced frame.
Agricultural trailer

Anti-deformation door

  • Standard1 panel hydraulic door, 1 hatch ;
  • Adjustable 15mm thick trapeze bar with easy access ;
  • Ring-mounted articulations ;
  • Independent door frame with anti-deformation tube and weather-proof seal.

HYS agricultural trailers : silage kit

Risers Solid & manoeuvrable

  • "Solid and lightweight" double wall aluminium risers
  • Quick and easy assembly/disassembly.
  • 30, 50 and 70 cm
  • Grain risers
  • Silage kit, with perforated and tilted front grill

And also :

Slurry tanks

Slurry tanks

DANGREVILLE slurry tank

 Vertical screw spreaders

Vertical screw spreaders

Narrow or wide trailer body vertical screw spreaders

Push & Go Trailers

Push & Go Trailers

Horizontal unloading trailers

 Agricultural flat bed trailers

Agricultural flat bed trailers

Complete range of robust 4, 6 or 8 flat bed agricultural trailers

Conventional agricultural tipping trailers

Conventional trailers

Conventional agricultural tipping trailers, GVW up to 32 T

Agricultural container carrier

Container carriers

1, 2 or 3 axles

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