Slurry tanks

Flexibility and fast filling

Dangreville Synergy slurry tankers offer great flexibility with their front left and right filling arm.
They are equipped with an effective and proven Jurop vacuum pump. The Vogelsang filling turbo increases the pumping speed.
Worksites are optimised by the fast filling rate.

Slurry tanks
Slurry tank

Precision spreading

Programming the dose to spread is simple. The box memorises the last dose applied. It is equipped with a flow alarm and a partial or total display of the treated surfaces and the spread volume. Spreading is precise.

  • Highly effective Jurop Pump
  • Ease of filling with pumping arms that can be hydraulically adjusted on both the left and right
  • Easy and precise spreading
  • DPAE
  • Rapid filling with the filling turbo

6,000 to 25,000 L slurry tanks

Numerous options and equipment available: 

  • Training hoses
  • Burying attachments
  • Tracking axle
  • Hydraulic boom suspension
  • Pneumatic braking, approved for 40 km/h
  • Rear view camera

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