SV range Narrow trailer body vertical screw spreaders

Strength and versatility
All types of product spreading, with both high or low tonnages per hectare.
A reference in terms of strength, the integrated chassis ensures stability on steeply sloping land.
Thanks to its design and large diameter wheels, the narrow body spreader requires low tractive power. 

Narrow trailer body vertical screw spreaders
Vertical screw spreader

SV: the reference

  • Strength
  • Volume from 10 to 15 m³
  • Versatility of spreadable products
  • Low ground pressure
  • Respect for soil structure and bearing capacity in wet conditions
  • Highly effective crumbling, even spreading
  • Easy and limited maintenance
  • Durable chain belt & body
  • Resale listing

SV range standard equipment:

  • Integrated chassis
  • Chain belt managed from the cab with electric control box
  • Vaucanson chain belt with 4 Ø20 attachment points, 2 or 3 links between bars with a U of 70 depending on the model, full chain wheel
  • Laminated spring boom
  • Wide angle constant velocity front Cardan joint, rear free-wheel
  • Predisposed door
  • Simplified access to lubrication points: centralised lubricators on the central shaft and the top of the spike tooth roller
  • Ladder
  • Protected lighting, rotating beacon
  • Shot blasted finishing, primer and polyurethane lacquer topcoat, and stoving

Available options include:

  • Guillotine door, door opening indicator, hood
  • Inversion of the hydraulic chain belt
  • Customised chain belt
  • Automatic lubrication unit
  • Hydraulics: independent power unit, Load Sensing operation
  • Precision: DPA, DPAE, ISOBUS, weighing
  • Hydraulic assistance
  • Lime and chalk cover bar
  • Pneumatic braking and approval for 40 km/h
  • Other tyres
  • ...
Specifications for vertical screw spreaders

Specifications are provided for informational purposes and may be subject to change by DANGREVILLE

Vertical screw spreaders

Zoom on Narrow trailer body vertical screws

Roller frame as standard:

  • Quick dismantling of the spike tooth roller frame
  • Ø750 vertical screws which we have carefully balanced
  • 15 mm boron steel spoon knives for optimal crumbling
  • Durability: 12 mm turns
  • 1st turn inverted for better distribution
  • Discs with 3 adjustable curved blades Ø750 for homogeneous spreading with a spreading width between 9 and 15 m according to the product
  • Ø90 bearings to absorb the radial and axial load
  • Reinforced monoblock housing


  • Carbide blades
  • 15 mm turns
  • Removable bottom turn
  • Large volume guillotine door with reinforced structure
  • Integrated hydraulic hood for compost and dung
  • Mechanical hood
  • Mechanical edge flap
  • Hydraulic edge flap ...
Central lubricators on spreader

Central lubricators

Guillotine door

Guillotine door

Low loading from 2m30

Low loading from 2m30

Hydraulic hood on vertical screw spreader

Hydraulic hood

Independent hydraulic power unit

Independent hydraulic power unit

Mechanical hood on vertical screw spreader

Mechanical hood

Vaucanson chain belt

Vaucanson chain belt

Hydraulic edge flap on vertical screw spreader

Hydraulic edge flap

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